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Brand Protection Services

Welcome to Brand Protection Services…

The most valuable asset a company

Has is, “Its Brand”.

Millions are most spend developing, nurturing and making a brand. Yet, especially during a recession, which puts all budgets under scrutiny, may companies ask whether they can afford to protect their most valuable asset.

Many companies spend a fortune on development, but many spend little to protect it.

The scale of piracy and counterfeiting costs legitimate business up to$3.5bn from clothing and footwear and according to the Roger Review, $1.3bn from IP crime in the Bangladesh with $900m going to organized gangs.


Who is Tory?

Tory has a permanent staff of full time employees and can also call on numerous investigators throughout the country.

Tory has also access to full trained undercover operatives in many trades, as well as surveillance teams and covert buying capabilities.


What Does Tory Do?

Tory is a multi-functional service provider, dedicated to delivery to the client a complete IP (Intellectual property) and security solution based service with the ability to call on several sector leaders with whom it has close links, it can offer design protection and Trade mark advice. Personnel protection advice, Corporate Due Diligence through to the investigation and ultimate removal of infringing goods from all market places, both physical and electronics (EBay etc).


Tory has specialized in the protection of Trademarks and is respected as being a leading expert in the field. Working closely with and under the direction of the Brand, we monitor the marketplace, both physical and electronic, to ensure that the investment made by the brand in its products is maximized.

We offer to the enforcement agencies the following services:


IP / Copyright Infringements

Anti Counterfeiting Investigations

Test Purchase Programs

Verification of Counterfeits

Anti Piracy Investigations

Grey Market Investigations


This can be at either their own premises or by sending them into an agreed location. We aim to turn round all examinations to enforcement agencies within a maximum two week period or shorter if required, often as in the case of HM customs.


Tory has a network of contracts that can provide covert operatives for warehouse work as well as surveillance, many of these are trained undercover officers who have been in the enforcement services.

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