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Collections – Domestic and International

We provide soft debt recovery services and specialize in handling the entire process of Debt Recovery for very low contingency fee. We do not charge any upfront or placement fee. Further our fee stands in relation to the amounts actually collected from the debtor i.e. on “NO RECOVERY – NO FEES” basis for our pre legal efforts. Our contingency fee is depending on the Age, amount and geographical location of Debtor.


Time after time, Tory Credit Reports & Collections Ltd. achieves industry-leading collection recovery rates. From letters to authorized legal action, we offer a full end-to-end service. Our professional teams ensure that we protect your brand and reputation, as if it were our own.

Whether your debtor is across the street or across the globe, we have a highly motivated team of negotiators with a passion for their job. Debt recovery success is achieved by focusing on diplomacy, persistence and an understanding of individual and business circumstances.  This approach helps us to achieve results while, maintaining the value of your brand.

Respectively, uniting the right systems with the right people, we match your service requirements, ensuring optimum recovery of both large and small debts, which may have previously been considered futile.

Accounts that are unresolved amicably, by payment, are forwarded to our dedicated trace and legal teams, if authorized.  Our teams direct their expertise, with great success, to help clients locate debtors who have moved away. Additionally, they identify accounts that are best suited for legal action to recover the debts. Having identified the appropriate actions, our teams then individually take responsibility to manage the account to the required conclusion.

Applications of Debt Collection include (but are not limited to) the following:


Commercial Debts (B2B): Overdue Export and Import bills, Domestic trade bills, Unpaid Service bills, Unpaid Commission, Unreturned Advance payments, Breach of contracts / sale & service agreements, non performance of contractual obligations etc.


Consumer debts (B2C) : International Credit Cards, International Hospital and medical bills, Over drawn accounts of International Banks, Unpaid Telecom and hotel bills, Unpaid Educational fees and rentals, Overpaid salaries


We handle all types of customers- Proprietorship, Partnership, SMEs, Corporate, Government department etc. and work closely with various industries in Bangladesh to their satisfaction

Tory specialises in debt collection and provides a tiered combination of debt collection facilities, including front end lettering and telephony, litigation, tracing and field services. Tory achieves successful results by combining these processes with technology, people and know-how – Even when other debt collection agencies have failed.


1st Placement

When our clients’ own internal recovery processes have failed, Tory can achieve rapid repayment.


2nd Placement

Another debt collection agency has tried to recover the debt but failed, Tory will take additional steps to secure payment.


3rd Placement

Even when a second debt collection agency has also failed to recover the debt, Tory has the knowledge and collection’s expertise to secure payment.


Post Legal

Judgment against the debtor has been granted by the court but the debt still remains unpaid.


Tory is able to enforce the judgment to secure payment.

Debt types are many and varied as are customers in debt. Tory uses the very latest in segmentation techniques to ensure each debt receives the level and type of action necessary to achieve a positive outcome. When you are ready to know more about our debt collection services contact us at

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