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Debt Purchase & Restructuring

Debt Purchase

It would be easy to think of debt purchase as a solely price-driven transaction – agree the best figure you can, polish up the P&L and say goodbye to the problem. But there’s also your brand to consider.

You’ve sold the book. What have you done with your good name?

Will the DCA deal with your customers fairly? Will your name be protected by professional behaviour? How about Financial Difficulty cases – remember, the business that now owns your debt also owns your reputation to some extent. Will you stay out of the headlines? And then there’s the ongoing involvement of your staff.

Before you sell, think about what happens afterwards

There are always post-sale queries – no book is ever admin-free. But for how long will your people be answering questions? Will the DCA refer back to you with every little query? Will the debts you thought you had disposed of still use up management time well into the future?

The Tory debt purchase. Solving your problem without creating new ones
The Tory has been one of Bangladeshi’s biggest debt buyers for many years. We’re currently working with a funding partner and are actively in the market for debt that would benefit from a multi-dimensional approach that offers you:

  • Unbeatable reputation protection (we believe we’re Bangladeshi’s most compliant collector)
  • Minimal post-sale queries (we have the broadest range of in-house resources and highly experienced management)
  • A good price (that solves your problem while also supporting professional collection behaviour and processes)

Debt Restructuring
Debt can cause overwhelming financial difficulties and place a business in jeopardy. Debt restructuring can be a great way to eliminate your debts quickly and increase your credit score in a short period of time, and put companies back on a more solid footing. Through business debt restructuring your debts are assessed to locate and eliminate the financial problem and improve liquidity by establishing equitable debt repayments to creditors while keeping the business functioning.


As a financial consultant we would assess the company’s fiscal strengths and weaknesses and provide a platform to the borrowers and the creditors to work out schemes for debt restructuring that are feasible to both of them to avoid legal processes.

Highly successful debt restructuring, negotiation and resolution services as well as access to needed assistance from experienced professionals who understand the issues facing both debtors and creditors, we negotiate on your behalf and work out payment programs that are satisfactory and realistic to both parties.

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