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Due Diligence Report

      Due Diligence Reports on a Company / Business Entity

Report would normally include and reveal:

  • Full legal registered name and any other trading names.
  • Date of Registration.
  • Commercial Registration Number.
  • Place of Registration Number (place of origin).
  • Full contact details, postal and physical addresses.
  • Number of Employees.
  • Capital Structure Information, number of shares issued and value of shares.
  • Company Ownership details including names of the shareholders, their nationality, their ID particulars, their percentage held.
  • Historical information and amendments made at the commercial register regarding change of name, address, shareholders and directors, capital and business activities.
  • Company affiliation, list of names and contact details of any companies affiliated or associated to the subject.
  • Description of the business operations.
  • Financial information available.
  • List of agencies, brands sold and supplier’s names.
  • Trade supplier’s reference obtained where possible.
  • Local Default Cases search.
  • Legal proceedings search.
  • Bankruptcies records search (available in some countries).
  • Litigation and public information/records search.
  • Unpaid cheques or loans.
  • Registered Mortgages.
  • Registered Seizure of Assets.
  • Credit Databases search.
  • Debt Collection Agencies search (available in some countries).
  • National Gazettes Searches.
  • Internet portals search in Arabic, English and French (as and where applicable) for adverse media information.
  • Publications, media, newspaper articles archives, magazines and periodicals search in English and Arabic languages including international, regional and local business and financial affairs publication.
  • Adverse Media Search, Search into an expanded media database, which has an immense historical archive of grey data. It also covers Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and their associates and close family members, it also comprises entities who are suspected of wrongdoing but have no conviction or enforcement action against them, those suspected of engaging in criminal or fraudulent activities, those involved in unsavoury or high-risk areas of business, and those who may be tarnished by association with a known corrupt individual, company, or regime.
  • Searches against international crime watch lists, association with sanctions lists, convictions, fraud, corruption, bribery, money laundering, alleged terrorism, violent and sexual crimes from sources such as the UN, Interpol, HM Treasury (formerly Bank of England), OFAC and the like.
  • Local reputation and any other information uncovered.
  • A general comment including ownership brief, trade history brief, any derogatory information, public and media information, any affiliations to any business conglomerates or politics, ruling or royal families etc. written by our credit analysts who are multi-lingual and have several years of experience in their field and very good knowledge of the local and regional business environment.
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