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Risk Management Services

It’s a fact that all organizations face a multiplicity of risks, and the more risks you can identify and offset, the better protected your business will be to cope with the unexpected. Increasingly, it’s legislative requirement, regulatory compliance, or pressure from insurers that is driving firms like yours to identify, plan for, and mitigate the risks you face. On paper it’s a chore; in reality it can be a serious challenge, especially if you lack the resources or technical knowledge you need to optimize your risk exposure.

No organization wants to fall foul of regulators, or lose the confidence of its customers or people – especially when the consequences of an incident can mean damage to sales, loss of trading ability or even imprisonment. A well planned and alert risk management strategy clarifies the varied risks you face and how they translate into clear and present threats to your business. Anticipating these threats is your key to best practice, a healthier bottom line and an enhanced commercial reputation.

Good risk management is all about identifying the potential risks and threats to your people, your assets and your business – and then mitigating them appropriately. Then there’s the managing of any aftermath, should an event occur. Who pays for it? How do you recoup the financial damage done through loss of business, loss of reputation, loss of customers, or loss of resources? What about the impact on your contracts if events beyond your control prevent you from fulfilling them?

A well planned risk management strategy – and above all, a clear understanding of the risks your business face – could lead directly to an improvement in bottom line performance, a reduction in the total cost of your insured risk, as well as improvements to your corporate image and reputation.

Intelligent risk management strategies contoured around your needs

A safe pair of hands: a partner you can trust, backed by experience, commitment and a proven track record

v  Innovation that drives value for money: we’ll help lower your risk profile sustainable for the long term

v  Partnership approach: a total commitment to understanding your business mean we can fill the risk gaps other strategies may leave behind

v  Your bottom line in mind: our lean business model keeps our structure flat and overheads down. This lets us deliver more expertise for less – face-to-face or using advanced, cost-effective online tools

v  Nationwide capability: part of a leading independent, national insurance broking business, we’re always able to deliver a local service – wherever you are, whatever you do

Let us take the risk management strain

We have the practical and intellectual expertise that has made us the risk planning partner of choice for some of the Bangladeshi’s best and brightest firms. We can assist across the following areas from our in-house team, or with carefully selected partners:

Property Risk Management: reconfigure risk, with services ranging from property surveys and electrical inspections, to water leak testing and insurance valuations Health, Safety & Environment: we believe Health & Safety should support your business, not stifle it. From simple phone-based advice to specific consultancy and training, our services range from Health & Safety planning, auditing and risk assessments, to specialist Legislation testing, noise testing, air sampling and asbestos surveys. We can help you set up environmental management systems and provide auditing and training

Fleet Risk Management: from regulation and operational practicalities, such as license checks and driver training, including Driver CPC (Driver Certificate of Professional Competence) training, to day-to-day overheads and the hidden costs of claims, we’ll help you reduce your risk exposure to enhance efficiency and lower costs

Business Continuity Management: whether it’s fire, fraud, natural disaster, intellectual property or supply chain protection, we’ll help you deploy a business continuity plan that ensures your business is robustly protected against the external risks that threaten your stability and ability to recover

Human Resources Risk Management: the ever widening of employment and discrimination law, plus increasing employee awareness of their rights, means that employers of all sizes face the increasing risk of employee litigation. We can help with HR advice, policies, and services – all backed with insurance cover – so you can employ staff knowing you have the right processes and support in place, allowing you to concentrate on your business

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