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Tory is a licenced skip tracing company providing   skip tracing services in Bangladesh and internationally.  Our skip tracing services in Bangladesh are suitable for those seeking to regain contact with current or former clients and debtors. In most instances, our skip tracing expertise is sought in response to individuals absconding prior to repayment of debts or borrowings. As a highly accomplished skip tracing company, Tory can put you back in touch with the debtor, quickly, efficiently and discretely, whilst maintaining a fully compliant approach to trace investigations.

A Skip Tracing Company in Bangladesh with Significant Access to Technology…

As a skilled and highly experienced skip tracing company, Tory has access to Bangladesh largest public databases, proprietary data and search processes. The use of computer-based data retrieval has resulted in significant gains in the location process. However this skip tracing company has found that total reliance on a technological approach severely limits skip tracing results. That’s where our expertise comes in.

Tory’s Recipe for Successful Skip Tracing in Bangladesh…

Our accomplished skip tracing professionals are skilled, lateral thinkers, they have the ability to relate to individuals on all levels, have expert phone enquiry methods and a will to succeed. When combined with sophisticated technology, this personal approach ensures we are able to consistently produce high returns for our clients.  Tory’s skip tracing investigators will locate your toughest skip, quickly, and cost effectively yet maintain a professional, respectful demeanor with your traced clients.


A Bangladesh Skip Tracing Company with a “No Locate, No Fee” Policy…

Tory is one of the few licenced investigation companies with a missing persons service to have a “No Locate, No Fee” policy.  When we locate your missing persons, we will contact you for payment. If we don’t locate your missing person/s we will advise you on our Inquiries and the information ascertained.

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